Anti-Islamic Dutch MP seeks Muslim immigration ban

Dutch MP Geert Wilders said Canada should ban immigration from Muslim nations.

Toronto: Europe`s openly anti-Islamic parliamentarian, Dutch MP Geert Wilders, riled many Canadians Sunday when he said Canada should ban immigration from Muslim nations.

Wilders, who is here to speak on what he sees as dangers posed by political Islam to the Western civilization, said Canada is in danger of "a hostile takeover and being Islamicised`` in the foreseeable future.

"What happened in Europe will also happen here. We should wake up to the fact that Islamisation means less freedom to us and our children,`` the Dutch Freedom Party MP told the local Sun News network. He said since Canada helped out Holland during the Second War, he felt obligated to warn Canadians that "freedom is the most precious thing we have. (Canadian soldiers) didn`t give their lives to free Europe, (so that) not 50, 60, 70 years later we would face another totalitarianism ideology called Islam."

Europe`s most famous anti-Islamic politician said he doesn`t hate Muslims but the "ideology (of Islam) that wants to rule every aspect of life.

"The majority of Muslims are law-abiding; they want a good life for their families. There are moderate Muslims but there are no moderate Islams. The stronger the people become, the harder it will be to fight the ideology."

The fiery MP said Holland would soon follow France in banning the burqa.

Urging Canada to shut its doors to immigrants from the Muslim Middle East, he said, "For the people who are (already in Canada), behave, assimilate or we will send you packing. For the people to not make the problem worse, stop the immigration from non-Western countries and stop the Islamisation process and the building of new mosques. This is really what we should do."

Two persons were held in 2004 for plotting to assassinate him and a Dutch woman was jailed in 2007 for writing more than 100 threatening emails to him.

"People want to kill me for what I say about Islam and the last seven years...I left my wife for months in prison cells and army barracks.

"I had to wear wigs, moustaches, glasses, things like that. Now, I live in a safe house owned by the (Dutch) government, as safe as a bank, and this is very nasty. I can`t do anything without seven, eight, nine, 10 policemen present. I have to tell them two days in advance where I`m going, who I`m going to meet.``

There are more than a million Muslims in Canada, a country of 34 million.


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