Arizona shootings underscore father`s message: MLK III

Martin Luther King III says more work needs to be done post Tucson shooting.

Atlanta: The son of Martin Luther King Jr says the recent shootings in Arizona that killed six and left a congresswoman critically wounded shows the work of his father must continue.

Martin Luther King III spoke on Saturday at a dinner where the King Centre is honouring the late Massachusetts Senator Edward M Kennedy`s work on civil rights. A posthumous award is being presented to the senator`s widow, Vicki Kennedy. The senator, who died in 2009 at age 77 following a battle with cancer, helped make King`s birthday a national holiday.

King`s son said the shooting of Arizona Republican Gabrielle Giffords make his father`s message of nonviolence resonate particularly strongly.
Both families have been touched by political violence. President John Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, and King and Senator Robert Kennedy were slain in 1968.

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