At least 52 dead as car bombs target Iraq police: Officials

A string of more than a dozen attacks targeting Iraqi security forces killed 52 people.

Updated: Aug 25, 2010, 21:27 PM IST

Baghdad: More than a dozen apparently
coordinated car bombs targeting Iraqi police and other attacks
killed 52 people on Wednesday, just days before the US military
officially ends its combat mission here.

The trail of bloodshed started in the capital Baghdad
before stretching to the north and south of the country,
hitting 10 cities and towns in quick succession in tactics
that bore the hallmark of Al-Qaeda.
Some 250 people were also wounded, security officials
said, as a total of 14 car bombs wrought havoc for police and
soldiers whose ability to protect the country is under close
scrutiny as US forces withdraw.

In the worst attack, a car bomb at a passport office in
Kut, southeast of Baghdad, killed 20 people, including 15
police, and wounded 90 others, most of them police, Lieutenant
Ali Hussein told AFP.

In Baghdad, a suicide car bomber blew up his vehicle at a
police station in the northeastern suburb of Qahira, killing
15 people and wounding dozens more, security and medical
officials said.

The attack in the mixed Sunni-Shiite neighbourhood took
place at around 8 am (0500 GMT), according to an interior
ministry official who gave the toll.
"The victims include policemen and civilians," he said.

A doctor at Medical City Hospital said they had received
the bodies of two women, two children and two police officers,
and that 44 other people were receiving treatment.

A spike in unrest over the past two months has triggered
concern that Iraqi forces are not yet ready to handle security
on their own, and with no new government formed in Baghdad
since a March 7 general election.