AU criticises UN `interference` in Guinea

Libya, which currently holds the AU Presidency has criticised the UN for interfering in Guinea`s internal affairs.

Updated: Oct 20, 2009, 12:32 PM IST

Tripoli: Libya, which currently holds the
African Union presidency has criticised the United Nations for
interfering in Guinea`s internal affairs by mounting an
investigation into a bloody police crackdown.

"The African Union strongly rejects this intervention (by
the UN) which it considers as interference in the internal
affairs of an independent country," the official Jana news
agency quoted a African Union presidency spokesman as
saying yesterday.

"All intervention by the UN (in Guinea) shall be
considered as a dangerous deviation of the mission of this
international organisation," added the spokesman.

UN envoy Haile Menkerios visited Guinea yesterday, where
he said he received a pledge from military ruler Moussa Dadis
Camara to cooperate with the UN`s probe into the police

Guinea troops entered a football stadium September 28 and
opened fire on unarmed opposition demonstrators angered by
Camara`s purported plans to run in the January presidential
elections. At least 150 people were killed, according to a UN
estimate, while the junta says 56 civilians died.

The African Union has supported mediation efforts by
Burkina Faso`s President Blaise Compaore.

The African Union had also set a weekend deadline for
Camara to issue a written pledge not to stand in the January
election or face sanctions.

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