AU mediators in Abidjan for last-ditch talks

An investigation team is meeting with members of incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo`s govt.

Updated: Feb 07, 2011, 21:51 PM IST

Ivory Coast: An African Union representative says an investigation team is meeting Monday with members of incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo`s government in a last-ditch effort to find a peaceful resolution to the political crisis.

The African Union last week asked the presidents of Chad, Mauritania, South Africa, Tanzania and Burkina Faso to find a peaceful way to install the internationally recognized election winner, Alassane Ouattara, as president. AU representative Ambroise Nyonsaba says the leaders sent a team of 15 experts to Abidjan Sunday.

Nyonsaba said Monday that the team will eventually be followed by the presidents, who will try to organize a face-to-face between Gbagbo and Ouattara, both who claim to be the elected president of Ivory Coast.

The AU mediation team has one month to publish its recommendations.

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