Australia: Pig`s head hung on fence at mosque site

The words terrorists and Go back to Afghanistan were scribbled across planning signs.

Canberra: The protest to stop a mosque being built in the Australian city of Gold Coast has turned nasty, as a pig`s head was posted on a fence at the site and signs publicising the Islamic project were vandalised.

According to the Courier Mail, police were called after a pig`s head splattered with red paint was hung on a fence at the mosque site.

The words “terrorists” and “Go back to Afghanistan” were scribbled across planning signs outside the property in Alkira Way at Worongary, the report said.

The paper quoted a resident, as saying that ‘this place will become a war zone, and that people living are now scared’.

The incident has sparked fears of a protracted hate campaign against the Muslim community.

The organisation behind a proposed mosque fears the Gold Coast could lose its reputation as a multicultural-friendly city.

Meanwhile, the city police have said that they are investigating the matter.