Baghdad cop demanded ransom after killing boy: Police

A Baghdad cop kidnapped and killed the minor son of his rich neighbour and demanded a USD 160,000 ransom before being snared.

Updated: Nov 17, 2009, 17:53 PM IST

Hilla (Iraq): A Baghdad police lieutenant
kidnapped the 10-year-old son of his wealthy neighbour, killed
the child and demanded a 160,000 dollar ransom before being
snared when calls were traced to his phone.

The crime occurred in Mahawil, a town 80 kilometres south
of Baghdad, in Babil province, police said.

"We have arrested him and he has confessed to the crime,"
a police official in Hilla, the provincial capital, told.

The killer, named as Lieutenant Haidar Atlas, worked in
Baghdad but decided to snatch the son of Khudair Abdul Zahra,
a food trader and neighbour in Mahawil, his home town.

"We caught him on Monday, the corpse was discovered and
he has confessed to the crime," the official said, asking not
to be named.

Atlas was discovered after calls from his mobile
telephone to demand ransom money were traced back to him by

"He asked for 160,000 dollars but he had killed and
buried the child immediately after the kidnap," the police
official added.

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