Bahrain: Hospital used for political activity

A government spokeswoman says Bahrain forces control main hospital in Manama.

Updated: Mar 24, 2011, 12:02 PM IST

Manama: A government spokeswoman in Bahrain says security forces control the main hospital in the capital Manama because it has been used as a "coordination centre" by anti-government protesters.

Maysoon Sakbar says the state-run hospital has been used for "political and sectarian activity" during a month-long protest by Bahrain`s Shi’ite majority seeking to loosen the grip on power by a Sunni dynasty.

Doctors used the hospital to spread "malicious propaganda”, Sakbar also said at a press conference on Wednesday.

At least four doctors from Salmaniya Medical Complex have been detained since emergency rule was declared last week.

Some protesters who were injured in the crackdown claim they were questioned and beaten by police in the hospital.

Bureau Report