Barack Obama heckled during speech in Ohio

Being interrupted repeatedly by the heckler, Barack Obama appeared frustrated by the disturbances.

Washington: US President Barack Obama was interrupted by a heckler while making a speech on energy in Columbus, Ohio.

Being interrupted repeatedly by the heckler, Obama appeared frustrated by the disturbances.

Stopping his speech mid-way, Obama said: "Sir, I`m here to speak to these folks. You can hold your own rally. You`re being rude. Sir, we`re trying to talk to these people."

The individual was apparently holding a book for him. Obama, who is seeking re-election, directed his men to get the book from him and assured that he would read the book.

"If you want to give me your book, I`ll be happy to read it. But don`t interrupt my conversation with these folks, all right? Show me some courtesy. I`ll be happy to take your book. But don`t interrupt everybody else. All right? Okay," he said.

"Go ahead and get that book from him, guys. He wants to give me a book. Please feel free to grab it. You`re touting this book - make sure that you`ve given it to us," said Obama, who was on a four-State two-day tour explaining his energy policy to his fellow Americans.

With gasoline prices increasing to an all time high, Obama is advocating an energy policy that includes all the possible alternative sources of energy and energy conservation measures.

Later in the speech, more hecklers shouted "block the pipeline" in reference to the Keystone XL project - part of which Obama fast-tracked in an earlier speech in Oklahoma.

"We didn`t tell people to interrupt the President, but clearly there is a lot of emotion around this issue, so I`m not surprised someone blurted that out during the talk," said Jamie Henn, spokesman for, one of the groups that organised the protest.

Obama returned to the US Capital last night. Today, he will leave for South Korea to attend the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul.

It is not the first time the President has been interrupted. In recent months, he has also been heckled during speeches in San Francisco, West Hollywood and New Hampshire.


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