Barack Obama sings to me all the time: Michelle

First Lady Michelle Obama insisted US President Barack Obama does have a beautiful voice.

London: First Lady Michelle has revealed that US President Barack Obama serenades her all the time by singing songs from Al Green, Marvin Gaye and other R ‘n’ B greats.

She also insisted that her husband does have a beautiful voice.

“He does have a beautiful voice, and he sings to me all the time,” the Daily Mail quoted Michelle as telling ‘The Tonight Show’ host Jay Leno.

The President gained a little attention in January when he showed to the world his inclination towards music during a fundraiser at the Apollo Theatre in New York City, where he sang Al Green’s single ‘Let’s Stay Together’.

But he also croons Marvin Gaye and even ‘a little Stevie.’ That is Stevie Wonder, for the uninitiated.

“He likes the classics,” she asserted.

However, her opinion about Republican front-runner Mitt Romney’s choir voice was not that generous.

Romney had surprised supporters in Florida with an off-pitch version of ‘America the Beautiful’ on Monday.

“It’s beautiful,” she said after a pregnant pause, with a laugh and raised eyebrows.

“And it is America’s song, and it’s a song that’s meant to be sung by every American,” the first lady said in a taped appearance for the NBC show.