Barack Obama`s weekly approval rating drops

The weekly approval rating of US Prez Barack Obama has dropped down to 43 per cent, tied for the lowest average of his administration.

Washington: Sliding down the popularity
chart, the weekly approval rating of US President Barack Obama
has dropped down to 43 per cent, tied for the lowest average
of his administration, according to a latest opinion poll.

"President Barack Obama averaged a 43 per cent job
approval rating for the week of July 18-24," Gallup Poll said.

Obama`s rating at this point is lower than former
President Bill Clinton`s ratings were in the fall of 1995 when
he was embroiled in a budget dispute similar to the one Obama
faces now, it said.

Obama`s most recent weekly job approval rating is
similar to his 44 per cent of the previous week, but down
three percentage points from the two weeks before that.

The President also had 43 per cent weekly job approval
ratings in late June, in April, and in August 2010. His
three-day job approval average for the weekend, July 22-24, is
45 per cent, up slightly from 42 per cent for July 21-23, it

"The trajectory of Obama`s approval ratings going
forward will depend partly on the way the current high-stakes,
high-visibility negotiations over the federal budget and
deficit play out in the weeks ahead," Gallup said.

"Obama spent last week working with Speaker of the
House John Boehner and others to reach agreement on lifting
the nation`s debt ceiling by August 2. By the weekend, the
negotiations were at an impasse, and Obama was left without an
agreement on the big budget deal he had been pursuing," Gallup


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