Berlusconi embarrasses Spanish PM

Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi is known for his diplomatic gaffes.

London: Silvio Berlusconi is known for his diplomatic gaffes, so this one doesn’t really come as a surprise. This time, the victim was Spain`s Prime Minister, Jose Luis Zapatero.

Berlusconi apparently left the stage abruptly, following a press conference, refusing to answer any of the journalist’s questions turning his counterpart red in the face.

Both leaders had spoken about the economic crisis and the need to defend the euro at the press conference in Rome`s historic Palazzo Chigi when Berlusconi thanked his Spanish counterpart shook his hand and then took his leave.

The Italian PM joked about Zapatero, saying that he must be in a state of "absolute grace" because he had just met the Pope – to which the Spanish PM could do nothing but smile awkwardly and slithering off the stage.

The Italian leader has made a string of diplomatic gaffes during his three terms as Prime Minister.

During a group photo of European Union leaders in 2002 he made the Italian horned ``cuckold`` gesture with his hand behind the head of the Spanish foreign minister, suggesting the minister was being cheated on.


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