Berlusconi girl describes `bunga bunga` parties: Report

Berlusconi`s "bunga bunga" parties were described to prosecutors by a key participant.

Updated: Feb 18, 2011, 22:19 PM IST

Rome: Dozens of naked women surround the
Italian prime minister vying with each other to arouse him --
Silvio Berlusconi`s "bunga bunga" parties as reportedly
described to prosecutors by a key participant.

"After dinner we went into a hall in the basement where
the bunga bunga was held," Karima El Mahroug, a pole dancer
nicknamed "Ruby the Heart Stealer", was quoted as saying to
investigators in leaks published by La Repubblica daily.

"All the girls were naked during the bung bunga and I had
the feeling that they were competing with each other to make
Berlusconi notice them by performing more and more daring
sexual acts," she was quoted as saying.

Mahroug is the woman prosecutors say Berlusconi paid to
have sex with at his luxury villa outside Milan when she was
just 17 -- a crime in Italy -- though both parties deny it.

Berlusconi is also accused of abusing his power by
getting her released from police custody in a later incident
when she had been arrested for theft.

Prosecutors say he was ensuring his sex offences remained
secret, while his lawyers say he thought she was former
Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak`s niece.

Berlusconi faces trial on both charges -- which he
vehemently denies -- starting on April 6.

In one of her quoted statements, the voluptuous
Moroccan-born Mahroug described her first meeting with
Berlusconi at his residence in February 2010.

"That evening Berlusconi told me that the bunga bunga was
a harem that he copied from his friend (Libyan leader Moamer)
Kadhafi in which girls strip off and have to give him
`physical pleasures`," she reportedly said.

"The prime minister took me to his office and led me to
understand that my life would change completely if I took part
in the bunga bunga," she added.

She said she refused to take part the first time but
joined Berlusconi the second time she visited in March,
although she kept her clothes on.

"I didn`t strip off and I didn`t perform sex acts," she

"I was the only girl with my clothes on and just so as to
have something to do I brought the prime minister Sanbitters
every now and then," she said, referring to a popular
non-alcoholic Italian fizzy drink.

There was no mention in the report of what Berlusconi was

There are no criminal charges related to the "bunga
bunga" parties, which have however become the butt of numerous
jokes in Italy in recent months.

Berlusconi has admitted he is "a sinner, just like
everyone" but has accused moralistic magistrates and "puritan"
opponents of campaigning against him.