Berlusconi paid £70k to twins to attend sex parties

Sisters Eleonora and Imma De Vivo caught the former Italian premier’s attention in 2008.

London: Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has admitted that he did pay twin girls to attend his infamous Bunga Bunga ‘sex parties’.

The payments, which amounted to a total of GBP 105,000, included GBP 45,000 made to the half-British TV showgirl who is alleged to have acted as the leader’s ‘madam’.

Berlusconi’s lawyers denied any wrongdoing with their client facing charges over paying for sex with an under-age prostitute.

Sisters Eleonora and Imma De Vivo caught the former Italian premier’s attention in 2008 after they appeared on the television show ‘Isola dei Famosi’, the country’s own version of the Australian hit show ‘Celebrity Survivor’.

And following their introduction to Berlusconi, they are alleged to have been amongst the frequent guests to his ‘Bunga Bunga’ parties.

The 75-year-old is believed to have made payments to the girls through their father’s bank account.

Prosecutors reportedly traced two transfers for GBP 35,000 and GBP 25,000 that were made to the twins’ father in a bid to spare Berlusconi any embarrassment.

Berlusconi is believed to have paid 70k for the twins Imma and Eleonora De Vivo to attend his parties where he slept with several women.

The De Vivo twins along with 32 other girls, lived in accommodation provided for by Berlusconi and have faced accusations of ‘prostituting’ at his gatherings.

Imma who is widely known as the former PM’s ‘good luck charm’ was overheard saying: “When I go to these dinners, and they are very seldom, the only man is him (Berlusconi).”

“He is the only, sole protagonist. ‘There is no other man apart from him,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

In a separate conversation that was intercepted by prosecutors, Imma complained to her sister over Berlusconi’s physical appearance.

“I found him a bit fatter and more ugly. Last year he was in better shape,” she said.

“He’s got uglier. He has only to cough up. I hope he’ll be more generous. I’m not giving him s**t,” she said.

Other payments were made to Nicole Minetti, of British descent, who was elected to government shortly after meeting the former Italian leader.

She faces a separate trial for allegedly providing the billionaire with a number of prostitutes.

Prostitute Nadia Marci told prosecutors she was provided with marijuana during 9,000 pounds sex sessions with Berlusconi.

Aspiring model Noemi Letizia also revealed that the former PM had attended her 18th birthday party and promised to help her with a career as a showgirl.


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