Biden pushed Obama to declare gay marriage support

US President Barack Obama insisted that he was not angry with Vice President Joe Biden.

Washington: US President Barack Obama has said Vice President Joe Biden`s comments on gay marriage forced him to support same-sex couple`s rights.

Obama, however, insisted that he was not angry with Biden, New York Daily News reports.

Obama said he had already made his decision to support gay marriage before the Democratic National Convention in September.

Biden on Sunday had said that he was absolutely comfortable with same-sex couples marrying and being granted the same rights as heterosexuals.

On this Obama said: "He probably got out a little over his skis, but out of generosity of spirit".

Obama has become the first occupant of the White House to publicly back gay marriage.

Obama`s announcement came after North Carolina voters voted in favour of adopting a constitutional amendment banning same-sex couples tying the knot in the state.

Now, 30 states have constitutional amendments or statutes prohibiting gay marriage.

When Obama ran for president four years ago, he said he backed civil unions, but would not support same-sex marriage.

Obama stressed he believed the decision to legaliae gay marriage should be up to individual states, which are "arriving at different conclusions at different times”.