Bill Clinton and I are buddies: George W Bush

Despite political differences, former US leaders share a good relationship.

Washington: It seems that despite political differences, former US presidents Bill Clinton and George W Bush share a good relationship.

In an interview with George W Bush and his brother, Jeb on CNN, host Candy Crowley, had a little fun with the Bush-Clinton relationship, reports the Politico.

"Your father, 41, has said that he looks at Bill Clinton like another son," said Crowley. "So who`s been the better brother, Jeb or Bill?"

"I knew that was coming," said Jeb.

"You did? Why didn`t you warn me, Jeb?" said George W Bush.

"We`re fond of Bill Clinton.”

"He`s - I tell you, he`s been incredibly gracious to our dad. And if somebody is gracious to our father - he ingratiates himself to us. And we are grateful to Bill Clinton," said Jeb.

"Who`da thunk it?" said Crowley. "That`s a pretty bipartisan - I mean, would have going into - I mean, you know, you`re out there restoring honour to the White House and…"

"Listen, Clinton and I are buddies," the former president said.

"First of all, we`re born one month apart. We`re now members of the former presidents club. We have done speaking engagements together. And I generally like him," he added.


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