Bin Laden deputy issues eulogy for al-Qaida chief

Ayman al-Zawahri has issued a eulogy for Osama saying he `terrified America` when he was alive.

Cairo: Osama bin Laden`s deputy has issued
a eulogy for the slain al-Qaida chief, saying he "terrified
America" when he was alive and would continue to do so in

Ayman al-Zawahri, al-Qaida`s longtime No 2 and
considered its operational head, heaped praise on bin Laden,
killed in the May 2nd US raid in Pakistan.

Al-Zawahri also blasted the United States for burying
bin Laden at sea and urged the Pakistani people to rise
against the country`s military rulers and politicians,
describing them as "traitors."

Likely al-Qaida`s next leader, al-Zawahri is believed
to be operating from somewhere near the Pakistan-Afghanistan

Al-Zawahri appeared in a white Arab robe and turban, a
Kalashnikov at his side, in a 28-minute video posted on
militant websites today.


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