Black US teen attacks white man ‘for listening to rap music’

A Black Palm Bay teenager thinks white people should not listen to rap music.

Melbourne: A Black Palm Bay teenager, who attacked a white man because he was listening to rap music, could end up being charged with a hate crime.

According to, Florida police said Joshuah Lamb, 14, allegedly punched 22-year-old David McKnight because he did not think white people should listen to that type of music.

McKnight was on the sidewalk listening to ‘Wasted’ by Gucci Mane on a stereo before the incident.

“The argument involved the black male suspect saying, ‘You shouldn’t be listening to rap music because you’re white’,” quoted Palm Bay police spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez as saying.

“The victim said he can listen to whatever type of music he wanted to and then the fist fight was on,” she revealed.

McKnight said he did not fight back, but was not able to get away fast enough either, as he was spat on, punched, knocked down, and kicked by them.

Lamb was reportedly with seven friends at the time, and he did not heed the pleas of McKnight to just drop it.

“I feel it`s a racial thing really,” added McKnight.

He suffered a broken toe, concussion, a swollen eye and strangulation marks around his neck.

Officers later arrested Lamb on battery charges, and he is now being held in a juvenile detention centre, awaiting state prosecutors decision on what he should be charged with.


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