`Blair ignored warnings to go to Iraq war`

Ex-senior intelligence official, Dr Brian Jones, makes this claim.

London: Former British premier Tony Blair ignored warnings that there was no concrete evidence of Baghdad possessing weapons of mass destruction to support UK going to war in Iraq, an ex-senior intelligence official says.

Dr Brian Jones was head of the UK Defence Intelligence Staff`s nuclear, biological and chemical branch in 2002 when the infamous "45 minutes" dossier was published. His account of events which led to what he calls "the disastrous decision" to go to war is at odds with Blair`s version.

In an interview with the `Sunday Express, Dr Jones, who regularly met UN weapons inspector David Kelly, described the Whitehall meetings held to discuss the dossier.

"It was never a case of us saying there were categorically no WMDs, we just didn`t have the definitive intelligence. Every time we thought we reached that stage, something else would come up to cause just a glimmer of doubt.”

"I recorded minutes of the times when I expressed doubts about so-called evidence on weapons of mass destruction. Tony Blair gambled and he lost," he was quoted as saying by the British tabloid.

However, there`s no official reaction from the former British PM on this latest claim.


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