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`Bo Xilai fell from grace due to arrogance, lack of reverence`

PTI | Last Updated: Sunday, October 27, 2013 - 00:17

Beijing: Disgraced Chinese Communist Party leader Bo Xilai, sentenced to life imprisonment for bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power, fell from grace due to "arrogance" and lack of reverence to the nation, official media said on Saturday.

The rejection of Bo`s appeal by the High Court yesterday, has put an end to the story, state-run Global Times said in an editorial titled "Lack of reverence sunk arrogant Bo".

The Shandong Higher People`s Court rejected his appeal and upheld the first instance life sentence verdict last month on Bo`s bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power case.

"Bo was once a significant political figure, and the position he held then was strikingly different from where he is now. People should always be reverent before the nation, the people and the law no matter who they are, what position they hold, or what power they had. Power isn`t eternal, nor can it turn anyone into a superman", it said.

"Bo and his wife lacked a sense of reverence" the article said, alleging that they asked billionaire Xu Ming to pay for the air tickets of more than 40 foreign friends and classmates of their son in a trip to China and the slapping of Chongqing city police Chief Wang Lijun by Bo lead to his defection to US Mission.

"Tragedies resulting from a lack of reverence don`t just happen among officials. Local governments and others have been plagued by arrogance," it said.

"The arrogant take advantage of loopholes in the government and the market, using their administrative power to subvert public interests. They know perfectly that what they do is illegal and socially unacceptable, but their arrogance prevents them from feeling shame," the damning editorial said.

It highlighted the defection of the high-level police official to the US Consulate fearing reprisals from Bo over the investigations into his wife Gu Kailai`s role in the murder of a British businessman Neil Heywood.

Wang who was persuaded to come out turned out a major witness against Bo. Gu was sentenced to death with two year reprieve.

"Nothing can be hidden forever. Pride comes before a fall. These sayings were not enough warning to prevent Bo and his wife from staging a similar tragedy," the editorial said.

"Some people believe that religion is the major source of a sense of reverence in a country, and even contributes more to social morality than the law. Most Chinese don`t believe in God or the gods, which explains their lack of reverence", it said.

"Religious values can`t substitute for respect of the law in modern society. Take corruption, where there are a number of devoutly Christian and Islamic countries that are more corrupt than China", it said.

"The public attention paid to Bo will quickly ebb. But we expect that his lessons will be learnt to the greatest extent by officials, as well as all others in power", the editorial said.

First Published: Sunday, October 27, 2013 - 00:17
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