Bobby Jindal delays release of his book to tackle oil spill

Indian-American Governor Bobby Jindal has postponed the release of his political book.

Washington: With Louisiana bearing the
brunt of the Gulf Coast oil spill, Indian-American Governor
Bobby Jindal has postponed the release of his forthcoming
political book so that he can focus on the environmental
calamity that struck the US state.

The book, "Real Hope, Real Change: New Conservative
Solutions to Rescue America" was originally slated for a July,
2010 release.

"Regnery Publishing is postponing the release of
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal`s upcoming book, `Real Hope,
Real Change,` at the request of Governor Jindal," said Marji
Ross, president of the conservative publishing house.

"We understand and support the Governor`s commitment
to focus 150 per cent of his attention on the BP oil spill and
its impact on Louisiana and the Gulf Coast," she was quoted as
saying by CNN.

A synopsis on describes 39-year-old
Jindal`s book as a mixture of biography and political

When it was announced in April 2009, the book deal
immediately sparked chatter about Jindal`s national ambitions.

The book`s synopsis does little to tamp down the speculation.

"From health care and national debt to how we can
fundamentally transform Washington, Jindal tackles
controversial issues and offers fresh solutions," it reads.

"Insightful and inspiring, `Real Hope, Real Change` provides
the leadership voice Republicans seek and the guidance America

The oil spill was caused by the sinking of the
BP-leased Deepwater Horizon rig on April 22 in the Gulf of
Mexico, two days after an explosion killed 11 workers.

One thousand barrels of oil a day were leaking into
the sea, according to officials. The oil leak has the
potential to damage beaches, barrier islands and wetlands
across the coastline.