Bobby Jindal incredibly funny, terrific, says Obama

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has received rare praise from US President Barack Obama, for his sense of humour.

Washington: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has received rare praise from US President Barack Obama, for his sense of humour. Jindal, 41, the first-ever Indian American governor of a US state, has been a vocal critic of Obama and is seen as a potential 2016 presidential candidate from the Republican party.

"I have to say, I thought Bobby (Jindal) was incredibly funny this evening. I thought he was terrific," Obama said last night at the high-profile Gridiron Dinner, in his remarks after Jindal made a highly impressive remarks full of fun and jokes, wiping out his 2009 lacklustre speech which was in response to the first State of the Union Address by Obama.

A two-time Governor of Louisiana, Jindal was in fact quick to refer to his "infamous" speech after which he said "people wrote and said a lot of mean stuff," though when they spoke to him in person they were "as kind as can be."

"But there was one exception to that. My dad. He called that night and said simply this - `I told you to go medical school,`" he joked. The Indian American also joked about talk of his presidential ambition and his potential bid for the post in 2016.

"I`ve made that clear, over and over again. In Iowa, in New Hampshire and in South Carolina," he said referring to the early primary States. "What chance does he really have?" he asked.

"I mean, come on. What chance does a skinny guy with a dark complexion and a funny name have to get elected president of the United States," Jindal said amidst laughter from nearly 650 invited guests at the dinner.

Obama who thoroughly enjoyed Jindal`s speech was seen laughing heartily on these remarks.

Jindal was sitting on the head table with Obama. The Louisiana Governor, in his laughter-filled speech did not even spare Obama and poked fun at him.

"This may surprise you, but I`m looking forward to President Obama`s second term. It will be refreshing to hear him stop blaming all the country`s problems on the last four years," Jindal said.

Obama gave full marks to Jindal and in his own speech he also poked fun at his Cabinet members.

Referring to his own dress, Obama said he is dressed differently tonight because of sequester - automatic spending cuts that came into force on March 1.

"I know some of you have noticed that I`m dressed a little differently from the other gentlemen. Because of sequester, they cut my tails. My joke writers have been placed on furlough. I know a lot of you reported that no one will feel any immediate impact because of the sequester. Well, you`re about to find out how wrong you are," he said.