Bomb explodes in Myanmar election office: Report

State newspapers said blast was an attempt to derail the November 07 polls.

Yangon: A bomb blast at a rural Myanmar election commission office has stirred fears of violence during the first polls in two decades next month in the reclusive military-run nation, state media reported on Friday.

A device made from TNT exploded late on Wednesday at a government office in Bago Township, about 80 km (50 miles) north of the biggest city Yangon, but there were no casualties reported and staff had closed the office 45 minutes earlier.

Union Election Commission officials were using the office to coordinate the local ballot. State newspapers, which are mouthpieces of the junta that has ruled for the last 48 years, said the bombing was an attempt to derail the November 07 polls.

"They are trying to ramp up instigations and destructive acts with intent to disrupt the upcoming democracy elections," said Friday`s state newspapers.

The media blamed "insurgents, destructive elements and political opportunists" for the bombing.

Critics of Myanmar`s Army rulers have dismissed the election as a sham to create a military-dominated system run by generals and their proxies with little change to the status quo.

The military has a 25 percent quota of all legislative seats and scores of generals have retired from the Army to run in the polls. Several parties are serving as proxies for the regime and most of the junta`s opposition is hamstrung by strict rules.

Bureau Report

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