Bomb explodes outside Indonesian embassy in Paris

A bomb exploded outside the Indonesian embassy in Paris on Wednesday, breaking windows but causing no casualties among Indonesians.

Paris: A bomb exploded outside the Indonesian
embassy in Paris on Wednesday, causing serious damage to surrounding
buildings but no injuries, police said.

The bomb exploded shortly before dawn at 5:45 am (1015
IST), when the streets of western Paris were relatively quiet,
blowing out windows in a 50-metre radius and setting fire to
two cars.

Police chief Michel Gaudin visited the scene after the
blast, accompanied by his chief of staff, who told reporters
that a bag had been spotted under the embassy`s windows by a
worker clearing bins in the street.

"He looked inside the bag, opened it and thought it must
be a bomb since he saw a cannister attached to wires. He
dropped it, left the area and called the police. That`s when
it exploded," Jean-Louis Fiamenghi said.

"No-one was hurt but there are people in shock in
neighbouring flats."

Fiamenghi said the bomb could have contained "several
kilos of explosives".

No group or individual immediately claimed responsibility
for the attack.

Police and fire fighters were rushed to the area and
sealed off the road where the blast occured. A bomb disposal
team was also in place to make any remaining explosives safe.

In Jakarta, Teuku Faizasyah, Indonesian presidential
spokesman on foreign affairs, said the government there had
been informed of an incident, adding: "We`re still looking for
clarity on whether we were the target or not.

"In the mid-2000s there was a case of a small bomb
explosion at the Indonesian embassy in Paris. It turned out to
be a local incident, and nothing to do with a national
threat," he added, Coordinating Security Minister Djoko Suyanto told:
"This is being investigated by the Indonesian embassy in Paris
with coordination with local authorities."

"The Indonesian ambassador in Paris reported that the
explosion took place at one of the crossroads near the embassy
at 5:20 am. We don`t know the target of the bomb. The
ambassador is at the location but he can`t go near.

"The windows were broken but there`s no report yet of
Indonesian or staff casualties. We are still waiting for
developments," he added. (AFP)