Brit Deputy PM’s wife ‘doesn’t know who Cherie Blair is’

During an interview, Miriam appeared irritated by being compared with Cherie.

London: Miriam Clegg, wife of the UK Deputy Prime Minister Nicholas Clegg, claimed not to have heard of Cherie Blair.

During an interview with The Times, Clegg appeared irritated by being compared with Blair.

At first, she feigned ignorance of the ex-prime minister’s wife’s name.

“I do not know who Cherie is,” before going on to grudgingly compliment her, “She is a woman who had children and worked, and I take my hat off to her,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

Clegg, 42, had also announced in this year’s election campaign that she had no intention of emulating Samantha Cameron and Sarah Brown by scaling back her career.

Clegg gave the interview to promote EcoLuxe, a show by a collective of 13 designers who work with Fairtrade and sustainable materials, including fish leather and organic cotton, to produce affordable luxurious clothing and accessories.