Brit man in Osama bin Laden mask gets cop rap

Stephen Taylor wore the mask as a joke to get a laugh from some teenagers.

London: A Brit man has been warned his car could be confiscated after police spotted him driving in an Osama bin Laden mask.

Stephen Taylor, 54, wore the mask as a joke to get a laugh from some teenagers, but he drove off with it still on, reports the Sun.

Officers clocked him and turned up at his home to give him a ticking off about his behaviour.

Taylor, a window cleaner from Wakefield, near Leeds, was issued with a warning notice for driving in an anti-social manner.

And he says he was warned he would have his Nissan Micra seized by police if he wears the mask of the terror leader again.

He is now telling Christmas revellers to be aware of attracting trouble.

"I was totally shocked and could not believe it,” he said.

"I think the police have gone over the top and people who may dress up this Christmas need to be warned," Taylor said.

Taylor was issued with the caution for careless driving and/or driving in a manner, which could alarm, distress of cause annoyance to members of the public.

He has been told if he commits another driving offence while wearing the mask within 12 months the police could seize his car.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman could not confirm whether the warning was issued because the driver`s view was restricted or because of the nature of the mask.