Britain deploys warship to Falkland Islands

Defence spokesperson added that warships had nothing to do with increased tensions between the UK and Argentina.

London: Amidst renewed tensions between the
UK and Argentina over the ownership of the Falkland Islands,
the Royal Navy on Tuesday said it will soon deploy a sophisticated
destroyer warship to the islands.

The Ministry of Defence said it was a routine deployment
and HMS Dauntless would replace a frigate currently stationed

Defence spokesperson added that it had nothing to do with
increased tensions between the UK and Argentina about who owns
the Falkland Islands.

The deployment, expected in late March, comes as
Argentina stepped up its sabre-rattling over the possession of
the islands with a ban on all Falkland-registered ships in
South American ports.

Prime Minister David Cameron responded in recent days
that the sovereignty of the islands was not for negotiation.

The House of Commons today debated the possibility to
bring a legislation to ensure the islands` right to remain

Conservative MP Guy Opperman said a law to this effect
would show support for the "unambiguous right to self-
determination", but Foreign Office Minister Jeremy Browne said
existing UN rules offered protection against territorial
claims made by Argentina.

In 1982, fighting during the prime ministership of
Margaret Thatcher led to the deaths of 649 Argentine and 255
British servicemen.
Argentina continues to press its claim of sovereignty
over the islands.
Last week, Cameron said Argentina allegedly had a
"colonialist" attitude to the Falklands, which it calls the
His charge was condemned by Argentina`s Senate.

A Royal Navy spokesman said: "The Royal Navy has had a
continuous presence in the South Atlantic for many years.

The deployment of HMS Dauntless to the South Atlantic has
been long planned, is entirely routine and replaces another
ship on patrol."


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