Britain summons Libya ambassador over violence

UK wanted thorough investigation on the violence in Benghazi and elsewhere.

Brussels: Britain`s government summoned
on Monday, the Libyan ambassador to London and called for those
behind a deadly crackdown on protesters to be held to account,
Foreign Secretary William Hague said.

"We have summoned the Libyan ambassador in London to
the Foreign Office today to register our absolute condemnation
of the use of lethal force against demonstrators," Hague told
reporters on arrival for talks among EU counterparts in

Hague said he had already "called Saif al-Islam,
Colonel Kadafi`s son, yesterday to express our strong
disapproval" of actions that NGOs say have caused hundreds of
killings, 60 on Sunday alone, in the demonstrators` eastern
stronghold of Benghazi.

London, which worked feverishly under the previous
Labour government to cement diplomatic and commercial ties
with Gaddhafi`s energy-rich regime, said it wanted the violence
in Benghazi and elsewhere investigated and "a commitment to
hold to account those who have been responsible for what has


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