British PM gorges on roadside hot dog

Cameron had a plain hot dog while New York mayor opted for mustard on his.

Updated: Jul 22, 2010, 13:11 PM IST

New York: David Cameron was treated to a roadside hot dog by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg after the British Prime Minister arrived in the city for his first official visit.

Bloomberg met Cameron at a street corner outside Penn station after the Premier arrived by train from Washington. The two men grabbed a quick bite at a food stand but ignored questions from reporters while they ate. Cameron even flashed a thumbs-up sign when asked about his lunch, the Telegraph reported.

Vendor Abdus Salam said Cameron had a plain hot dog while Bloomberg opted for mustard on his. The New York mayor paid for the USD 2 snacks and left a tip.
Cameron was scheduled to meet American business leaders about trade and investment prospects. He and Bloomberg were also planning to wrap up the day with another meal together, this time probably at a more refined restaurant.