British PM meets victims in Wednesday`s shooting spree

British PM David Cameron visited the victims of a shooting spree by a taxi driver, which left 12 dead.

London: British Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday visited the victims of a shooting spree by a taxi
driver, which left 12 dead and 11 other injured on Wednesday.

"It is so unfair and so cruel... We do not yet know all
of the facts of the case" the Prime Minister said on the
rampage after visiting West Cumberland Hospital in Cumbria.

In the worst such attack since 1996, Derrick Bird, 52,
who shot himself dead after he went on a killing spree
apparently fearing an arrest in an 60,000 pound undeclared
earning case, coupled by his estranged relationship with his
twin David -- the first of his 12 victims.

Bird next target was solicitor Kevin Commons who he
thought was colluding with his family to cheat him out of his
mother`s 96,000 pound inheritance.

Daily Mail quoted a close friend of Bird saying "it was
all about the Inland Revenue. He was being investigated... his
brother and the solicitor were colluding to get him in trouble
with the taxman."

It is said that his Inland Revenue tax demand exceeded
10,000 pound.

Meanwhile, Mark Cooper, a fellow taxi driver, said: "All
he said was that they had caught him with 60,000 pound in the
bank," adding that Bird used to say "I`ll go to jail".

Bird lost his job as a joiner at the nuclear plant in
1990 after being convicted of stealing building materials and
had drinking habit.


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