British PM orders 26/11-style terror dummy-run after warning

David Cameron wants to ensure that forces are prepared to tackle the threat.

London: British Prime Minister David Cameron has responded to the threat of a Mumbai-style terror attack in the country by secretly ordering a full-scale dummy-run.

According to the Sun, a number of lethal scenarios were examined at locations thought to include railway stations and hotels - targets in Mumbai two years ago.

Senior police officers, including Met counter terror commander John Yates, fire chiefs, senior military and security figures were involved in the operation.

Cameron ordered the operation to ensure that police and Special Forces are prepared to tackle the threat.

“The PM posed some challenging questions about the way in which such an attack would be met,” the tabloid quoted a senior security source, as saying.

“He was right in the thick of it, and keen to know how long it would take to get a response on to the streets,” he added.

Earlier, US intelligence had warned of an al Qaeda plot to unleash prowling gunmen in a British city before Christmas.

France or Germany were other possible targets.