British police deny royal radio failure: Report

The heir to the British throne and Camilla`s limousine was daubed with paint.

London: British police have denied that a breakdown in radio communications actually led to a car carrying Prince Charles and his wife Camilla getting caught up in violent student protests in London, a media report said.

The heir to the British throne and Camilla`s limousine was daubed with paint and had a window smashed after it ran into an unruly group of students on Thursday protesting against a steep hike in university fees.

Though reports suggested that royal protection officers were on a different radio frequency to those policing the street protests, but Scotland Yard has insisted that the teams were in communication and may have used e-mail or mobile phones, the `BBC` reported.

The police have blamed a fast-moving situation on the ground for the security breach, as protesters had been roaming through the West End in small groups, away from the larger protest in Parliament Square, the report said.

A police spokesman said the route along Regent Street was checked minutes before the incident and deemed to be safe. In a statement last evening, Scotland Yard said it had launched an investigation into "the student disorder seen across London between 10 November and 10 December".

"Whilst a large majority of protesters came to demonstrate peacefully, a significant number came intent on violence. This will not be tolerated and anyone identified as being actively involved in criminality at the student protests will be prosecuted," the Scotland Yard said.

The violent clashes happened on Thursday as British MPs had voted to allow university tuition fees to rise to up to GBP 9,000 per year in the UK.