British Prime Minister going bald?

Britain`s PM Cameron is worried about the country`s huge budget deficit.

Updated: Aug 09, 2010, 15:33 PM IST

London: Britain`s youngest Prime Minister in almost two centuries, David Cameron, is so worried about the country`s huge budget deficit that he seems to be literally losing hair over it.

According to leading British tabloid `Daily Express`, a bald patch near the 43-year-old PM`s crown in an otherwise lustrous head of hair is "unmistakable".

Britain`s budget deficit is at about 11 percent of the national output.

But it`s not just the PM who is suffering. Anxiety over the recession may have left many men with less hair than they had three years ago. There has been an 89 percent hike in men seeking treatment, according to anti-hair loss firm LA Science.

"Men fighting for their jobs has led to a boom in premature balding," a spokesman was quoted as saying.