Briton jailed for tricking women to strip naked

A 49-year-old British psychic has been jailed after he tricked women into stripping naked "to get in touch with the spirit world".

London: A “psychic”, who brainwashed young women into stripping naked to help them communicate with the dead, has been sentenced to two years in prison by a Welsh court.

Karl Lang “brainwashed” two women in their twenties who had asked him to help contact their dead relatives.

The court heard that the 49-year-old “psychic” had an “almost hypnotic ability” to make women overcome their inhibitions and told one of his women clients to “perform like a porn star” to help increase her “psychic powers.”

He was jailed at Cardiff Crown Court for two years and banned from practising as a medium, clairvoyant, spiritualist or healer for 10 years.

“This was repeated, systematic conduct, prolonged and plainly planned,” the Daily Mail quoted Judge Patrick Curran as telling Lang.

“It was designed to be more and more gross and it could only have been for your own sexual gratification. You seem to have had an almost hypnotic ability to make these women overcome their inhibitions.”

“They put their trust in you and you betrayed that trust. You violated your role as a spiritual adviser and convinced them to engage in sexual activity. You have displayed an utter lack of remorse in that you continue to deny these offences,” the Judge said.

Both women told Newport Crown Court in South Wales how they were left feeling embarrassed and ashamed after they were tricked by Lang.

“Lang told the women that by acting more and more outrageously they could get in touch with their loved ones,” Prosecutor Matthew Roberts had told the court.

“He encouraged them to send him naked photographs of themselves saying it would increase their psychic powers.”

“He told them they had to be naked as the spirits are also naked,” he said.

Lang had devised a “spirit scale” with exercises designed to enhance his clients’ psychic powers.

“He totally brainwashed them. He was a charming, charismatic spiritualist who was able to dominate his victims,” Roberts said.

The first victim, 27, had lost her father 10 years ago and had been impressed after seeing Lang give a psychic reading at a friend’s house.

Her “explicit and intense” training involved her touching herself in front of him and sending him naked photographs of herself.

Lang had warned the woman not to tell anyone about his training methods because he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

The other woman, 26, told the court that she was tricked into taking part in nude séances in a bid to contact her dead grandfather.

Lang had told the police that he was “totally shocked” when one of his women clients took her clothes off in one of his sessions.

He also said that the key to spiritualism is “letting yourself go.” He said: “If they decide to take their clothes off, it’s their problem.”

Lang claimed that he had the gift of communicating with the dead since the age of four and had become a spiritualist more than 10 years ago.

He had contacted the dead at hundreds of spiritual churches around Britain performing to crowds of up to 1,000 people.

Lang, of Newport, South Wales, was found guilty of 12 charges of causing women to engage in sexual activity without consent between 2005 and 2009.