Britons provided Oslo attacker arsenal of weapons

British suppliers supplied key equipment that helped Anders build arsenal of weapons and explosives.

London: British suppliers supplied key equipment that helped Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik build his arsenal of weapons and explosives, it has emerged.

According to the Telegraph, Breivik used eBay traders across the world, including Britain to get weapons for the shooting spree in Utoya island and chemicals for the Oslo bomb blast.

In his 1,500-page ‘manifesto,’ uploaded on the Internet on the day of the attacks, he had offered guidance on how to plan mass murder and acquire an arsenal, saying ‘eBay is your friend’.

The paper revealed thousands of online transactions to uncover the purchases he made over a seven-month period.

It showed that he purchased chemicals for the bomb from a British trader for just a few pounds, and that a British tool company sold Breivik equipment used to make poison-tipped bullets.

According to the paper, a British man based in the US sold Breivik the ‘Hazmat’ suit that he wore to mix chemicals for the fertiliser-based bomb.

In November Breivik used his eBay account, under the username ‘andrewbrei’, to buy about 500g of sulphur powder from a trader in Enfield, the paper said.

According to Breivik, the British-bought sulphur was used to manufacture a chemical called DDNP.

Explaining how he purchased the sulphur powder, Breivik said that he ‘was concerned about customs seizing the package and/or informing authorities but it appears this didn’t happen”.

Breivik’s other online purchases included a tactical rifle foregrip from a Hong Kong-based trader, a zoom spotting scope from a Chinese supplier and a LaserLyte pistol bayonet from a US-based retailer, the paper said.