Britons suffer from ‘mid-brow squeamishness’: Julian Assange

Assange also said Britons are afraid of taking blame for the tiniest thing.

London: Controversial Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has said Britons suffer from “mid-brow squeamishness” and are afraid of taking blame ‘for the tiniest thing’.

Answering a question on the death toll due to the Egyptian revolution, Assange said: “What I really detest about the UK is there is a certain mid-brow squeamishness in the population.”

“It would rather destroy an entire revolution, and keep a country in dictatorship, than risk being blamed for the tiniest thing,” the Daily Mail quoted him, as saying.

Addressing the Hay Festival of Literature in mid-Wales, he hailed the uprising in Egypt, but mentioned a wrong death toll saying that he believed about 30 people had died in the revolution.

When he was told that the figure was more likely to be 300, he replied: “I’m not up to date on the current death toll. How much risk are people willing to go through in order to restructure their society? When you are dealing with the fate of nations you cannot take the principle of ‘’do no harm’’ and look through a microscope. You have to look at the total surroundings,” he added.

The Australian-born journalist is currently in London and faces extradition to Sweden over charges of sexually assaulting two women during his short stay in that country.


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