Bulgaria witnesses anti-government protest

Protesters accused govt of failing to address economic problems in Bulgaria.

Belgrade: More than 16,000 people participated in anti-government protest in the Bulgarian capital Sofia on Saturday, Bulgaria`s Sofia News Agency said.

The protest, under the motto "Red Card for the Cabinet", was organised by the chief opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party led by Sergei Stanishev, a former Bulgarian prime minister.

Opposition supporters flooded central Alexander Batenberg Square near the buildings housing the Government and Parliament, demanding the resignation of the country`s cabinet headed by Boyko Borisov.

The protesters accused the government of failing to address economic and social problems in the country, including rising unemployment and the poor state of the healthcare and education systems.

Borisov replied the protesters on Saturday by saying: "I am sorry I formed a cabinet. I should have let those populists and plunderers to drown completely," the news agency reported.

"If the socialists had formed a second cabinet in 2009, then we would have drowned altogether and become a country like Ireland, Portugal or Greece with their financial problems," he said. "But after that in the end I would have come in power with 90 percent of the following vote and there would have been no opposition."