Cake Queen of New York rides Ferrari wave

The Ferrari car had all the accessories - tires, rear view mirror, lights and license plates.

New York: The Ferrari car had all the accessories - tires, rear view mirror, lights and license plates.

After admiring the car from far and near and clicking away pictures with their cell phones, the guests started devouring the car piece by piece - it was a signature cappuccino cake in the shape of a Ferrari car.

The edible car was part of a decorative designer cake made by famous Indian-origin cake designer Parul Patel of New Jersey.

The cake measured 12 inches by 18 inches was created exclusively for a Ferrari corporate event held recently.

The cake designer was chosen after a meeting with 12 board members who had interviewed several bakeries in the tri-state area.

"It was a prestigious event and one of the most challenging cakes we have made to date. The entire concept was mine, everything from the model. We would make to the way it was presented on an edible road," Parul told PTI.
The cake designer Parul specialises in custom cakes for all types of private and corporate events, especially weddings in the US.

She has a state of the art commercial kitchen based in Central New Jersey so that the cake creations can be sent to any venue across the US and possibly shipped all over the world.

Parul who had designed hundreds of innovative and creative models in cakes said one of her clients wanted her to make a cake in the shape of Taj Mahal for his daughter’s sweet sixteen party but said that they were not going to cut it and wanted to make sure that it could be transported safely home after without even a slight cut.

They wanted to keep the cake as a souvenir.
Parul was quick to point out it would be a health hazard. So she came up with a way to satisfy the client`s request.

The cake was made with walls, domes and pillars would come off the cake and could be reassembled onto a square piece of styrofoam afterward and kept in a glass showcase.

The client was so thrilled and loved the innovative idea, she said: "We created a completely edible version of the Taj Mahal and conceived a near-perfect egg-less cake in18 inches with minute details like domes, minarets and intricately carved arched windows and doors."

"The cake was so beautiful and lifelike that many guests thought it was part of the decorations. Many guests were shocked when they realized it was a cake during the cake cutting ceremony," she said.

This earned a place for Parul in The New York Times that wrote an article on Indian Wedding Cakes and heaped a lavish praise on the creativity of Patel.

Her masterpiece cake shown on an NBC Royal Wedding Special hosted by Editor of Martha Stewart Wedding was a seven-tier Mehendi cake that was completely edible. Her cake was one of only four cakes featured and she was so honoured.

The cake was decorated with edible Mehendi, edible 24-carat gold glitter and edible gold beads to add to beauty.

Being a Gujarati and a strict vegetarian, she delivers egg less cakes to her customers 70 per cent of who are non-vegetarians.