Cameron puts himself in-charge of building India ties

Ahead of his meeting with PM Manmohan Singh, British Premier David Cameron has put himself in-charge of building relations with India.

London: Ahead of his meeting with Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh, British Premier David Cameron has put
himself in-charge of building relations with India while
giving the charge of handling ties with China to his deputy
Nick Clegg.

Cameron, who heads the Conservative-Liberal Democrats
coalition government, will meet Singh on the sidelines of the
G-20 Summit in Canada to take forward his administration`s
commitment made in the Queen`s Speech to `work to establish a
new special relationship with India.`

The Tories consider India as crucial and the
Government is preparing a series of trade missions.
This will be the first meeting between the two
leaders, since Cameron took over as the British Prime Minister
last month.

Like the previous Labour Government, the new coalition
government is also keen to build a special relationship with

During the meeting, the two leaders are likely to
discuss bilateral issues and the situation in the region.
According to The Times, daily, the Prime Minister let
it be known that he was giving his deputy the foreign policy
role in the run-up to his own first meeting with Chinese
President Hu Jintao at the G8 summit.

Clegg will work with William Hague, the Foreign
Secretary, to oversee London`s links with Beijing.
Clegg is also likely to represent the Prime Minister
at a UN development conference in September.

The decision to give him a firm role in foreign policy
- the Lib Dem leader speaks five languages and has represented
the Government in several European capitals - reflects how
closely the pair work, the report said.

Cameron has also made clear that he will retain the
levers of power when he is abroad and on holiday, and will not
place Clegg in charge.

Such a move was not necessary "in this day and age of
technology," he said.


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