Cameron`s `cutie` cheating on her husband: Report

New conservative MP Caroline Nokes, described as one of British Prime Minister David Cameron`s "cuties" has been cheating on her husband.

Nokes, described as one of British Prime Minister David
Cameron`s "cuties" has been cheating on her husband by having
a "sexual relationship" with a junior party activist 10 years
her junior, a report said on Monday.

James Dinsdale, 27 a town councillor in Bury St
Edmunds, Suffolk, said: "I can confirm Caroline Nokes and I
have had a sexual relationship. I have no further comment."
Nokes, 37 was unavailable for comment.

Nokes, a mother of one, was praised as "a good,
hardworking, local young woman" by the Prime Minister just
before she snatched the marginal seat of Romsey and
Southampton North from the Liberal Democrats at last month`s
general election.

It has been disclosed that the has been having a
sexual relationship with Dinsdale, a Tory councillor and a
former executive of the party`s youth wing, Conservative
Future The Daily Telegraph said.

It said the pair had enjoyed occasional trysts in a
"physical" affair lasting four years.

Nokes, who signed the Westminster 2010 declaration
promising to "act according to Christian conscience", first
met Dinsdale at the Tory conference in Bournemouth in October

The backbencher was pictured in a newspaper letting
him into her London hotel room after a late night House of
Commons vote a week ago.

The newspaper said Dinsdale left after two hours and
that Nokes, who is entitled to claim the cost of the hotel
under the MPs` expenses system, left alone the following

Nokes is the daughter of Roy Perry, the deputy leader
of Hampshire county council and a former Conservative Member
of European Parliament, and once told a glossy magazine she
was "too pretty to be in politics".

She lives in a house on the edge of the New forest,
bought in 2004 for 685,000 pounds with her husband Marc, 42
and their 11-year-old daughter.

Nokes is a newly-elected MP for Romsey and Southampton
North and a Test Valley borough councillor.

"My wife and I have been saddened and shocked to learn
of stories in the press about our daughter Caroline.

At this very difficult time for our family our thoughts and
concerns are above all with our granddaughter, our wonderful
son-in-law Marc and our dear daughter, Caroline," Perry was
quoted as saying by the `Daily Echo`.

"She is to us a daughter whom we love dearly, who has
great qualities and abilities and we sincerely hope their
marriage will come through this difficult time."

Nokes won her seat by defeating Liberal Democrat
Sandra Gidley by 4,000 votes at the general election last
month. Nokes` mother, Patricia, told the Daily Telegraph the
couple would not be splitting over the affair.

Speaking at her home in Salisbury, Wiltshire, Patricia
Nokes said her son was "coping very well" and the couple are
"very much together".

"They have a very solid relationship and have just
celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary last week," she
said. "This will not finish their relationship."