Canada launches hunt for man who mailed body parts

Luka Rocco Magnotta is believed to have filmed the killing and dismemberment of the male victim.

Ottawa: A Canada-wide search has been launched for a 29-year-old man wanted for a homicide in which the victim`s body parts were shipped by mail to the headquarters of two of Canada`s main political parties in downtown Ottawa.

Luka Rocco Magnotta, who calls himself a "young gay twink" model and is known to be a porn star and stripper, is believed to have filmed the killing and dismemberment of the male victim whom police say Magnotta knew.

Police reportedly have video evidence of that grisly crime but it`s unclear whether it`s the same "1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick" video posted online at In it, a man dressed in black whose face is never revealed, uses an ice pick to repeatedly stab another man in the abdomen while the victim is restrained on a bed, reported Xinhua.

The murderer then decapitates and dismembers the victim, who appears to be of Asian descent, followed by grotesque and disturbing scenes of necrophilia, cannibalism and a small animal -- described by the Canadian-operated website as a black-and-white dog -- eating from the stump of the dead man`s leg.

On Tuesday morning, a caretaker discovered a headless, limbless decomposing torso in a suitcase on a curb piled with garbage near a blue-collar Montreal apartment building where Magnotta was a tenant.

Shortly before noon that day, the governing Conservative Party of Canada received a bloodstained package reportedly containing a severed human left foot. On Tuesday evening, police intercepted a package at a Canada Post Ottawa mail-sorting facility reportedly containing a severed human left hand and addressed to the Liberal Party of Canada.

Both packages were sent from a fake address in Montreal. Police also believe all of the body parts are from the same male victim -- although based on media reports, it`s unclear as to whether he was white or an Asian man who was reported missing.

More of the victim`s body parts could be in Canada`s mail system, warned police, who have identified Magnotta as the prime suspect in this, Montreal`s 11th homicide of 2012.

Although he has no criminal record, Magnotta was convicted on four counts of fraud in Ontario seven years ago and served 16 days in pre-trial custody, according to a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) report on Wednesday.

The man, who once lived in Toronto from where he is believed to have originated, has also been linked to killing kittens and posting videos of it on YouTube.


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