Car bomb attacks kill 8 in central Iraq

Iraqi officials say a car bomb in a Shiite suburb of Baghdad has killed four people and wounded 12 others.

Baghdad: Two separate car bomb attacks in central Iraq killed at least eight people and wounded 27 today, officials said.

The first attack took place in Baghdad`s eastern suburb of Huaasinya when a parked car bomb went off early in the morning, killing four civilians, two police officials said.
Twelve people, including four policemen working at a nearby checkpoint, were wounded in the bombing, the officials said.

The Shiite-dominated district is located some 25 kilometres east of the centre of the Iraqi capital.

Around noon, another parked car bomb exploded near a group of anti-al-Qaida Sunni fighters near the former insurgent stronghold of Fallujah, 65 kilometres west of Baghdad.
The pro-government militiamen had gathered outside a military post to receive their salaries. The explosion killed three of the fighters and one civilian, two police officers said. The blast also wounded 15 people, the officers added.

The group, known as Sahwa, is made up of Sunni Arabs who joined forces with the US military to fight al-Qaida at the height of Iraq`s insurgency. They have since been regularly targeted by Sunni insurgents who see them as traitors.

Four medical officials confirmed the casualty figures.