Carla Bruni on sex and love

An Internet film on Carla Bruni juxtaposes her risqué past with her present.

Updated: May 25, 2010, 13:14 PM IST

London: An Internet film posted on YouTube on French first lady and former model Carla Bruni juxtaposes her risqué past with her present as the French President`s wife.

Carla Bruni, a supermodel, had married French President Nicolas Sarkozy two years back.

The film contains excerpts from interviews of Bruni as a young model, The Telegraph reported on Tuesday.

In a section of the 27-minute film, the Italian-born Bruni takes out from her handbag a book called ‘Hot International Love and Sex Guides’ that translates key phrases on all things erotic into seven languages.

Bruni told Channel 4 show Eurotrash: "We need these kind of books because we’re travelling all around the world, we’re meeting new people and we want to know what to tell them in case we get into bed with them."

She then proceeds to give four translations of "You get me very hot". She then proceeds to more explicit phrases and one of the interviewers gasps: "Oh no!".

Producer Thomas Cazals, who made ‘In the Tube with Carla Bruni’, said he did it "starting with the naïve idea of better getting to know this character".

The film was removed from Cazals`s blog on Monday evening.