Castro blasts NATO`s `fascist war` in Libya

Castro urged strongman Muammar Gaddafi to fight back to his last breath.

Havana: Cuban leader Fidel Castro branded
international military action in Libya a "fascist war" on Tuesday,
and urged strongman Muammar Gaddafi to fight back to "his last

"If Gaddafi honours his people`s traditions and
decides to fight to the last breath as promised with the
Libyans who are facing the worst ever bombing a country has
ever suffered, it will spell a mire of shame to NATO and its
criminal projects," Castro wrote in an article published in
Cuban media.

The 84-year-old retired communist leader, who has
visited Libya and met with Gaddafi several times, said he was
speaking "freely" because he does not share the Libyan ruler`s
"political views or religious character."

In his article titled "NATO`s Fascist War," Castro --
a US foe long in Washington`s crosshairs -- compared the
Libyan bombing campaign to raids conducted by Nazi pilots
against Spain in 1936.

"Now, the criminal and discredited NATO is telling a
`beautiful` story about its `humanitarian` bombing," he said.


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