Cemeron says did `double-take` on hearing new title on radio

A day after his appointment to the top post in Britain, David Cameron did a "double-take".

Updated: May 15, 2010, 00:00 AM IST

London: A day after his appointment to the
top post in Britain, David Cameron did a "double-take" when he
heard himself referred to as Prime Minister on the radio.

On the amazing developments of Wednesday night when a
coalition deal was still being brokered between his
Conservative party and the centrist Lib Dems, he said: "If you
had told me at lunchtime that I`d be in the Palace at ten past
eight and in Downing Street at a quarter to nine, I would have
said you were completely mad. It was quite a shock."

43-year-old Cameron, the youngest British Prime Minister
in nearly 200 years, also revealed the lighter side of a
dramatic week in an interview to `The Sun` tabloid.

"I had a wonderful moment this morning (Thursday) when
the radio went off as I was just waking up in my own bed at
home. I heard, `This morning the Prime Minister will...` and I
thought, `Oh God, what`s he doing now? And then I thought, `Oh
no, hang on a second - it`s me!` It was a sort of double
take. You`re so used to waking up hearing what the Prime
Minister is up to that I had a brief relapse," he said.

The other giggle came at Buckingham Palace after he
was appointed by the Queen, who also chatted to his pregnant
wife Samantha.

Cameron said: "One of the biggest shocks was when we
walked out after seeing Her Majesty. Back down the corridor,
there was someone who stepped out - I`m not quite sure who -
and said, `Good evening. Prime Minister`. It was the first
time I`d heard it and I sort of looked over my shoulder. That
will take some getting used to."

Cameron had a half-hour audience with the Queen, longer
than usual for incoming PMs.

He conceded: "Of course I was nervous. But she was very
helpful. I`ve met her before and she is utterly charming and
puts you at ease - even when you`re undertaking a nervous
endeavour, trying to form a new government!"

His wife Samantha, 39, was invited in after Cameron`s
ceremonial kissing of the Queen`s hand, accepting the job. He
said: "It was very nice when she asked Samantha to come in and
we all had a conversation together."

Cameron is only working in Downing Street for the moment
and is returning to his Kensington home at night. His study is
still without family photos or personal momentos and he will
have to wait until the Prime Minister`s flat above No. 11 is
cleaned before he can move in.

Poignantly, Cameron said his one great regret in taking
office was that his eldest child Ivan was not there to see it.
Six-year-old Ivan, who was severely disabled and suffered from
cerebral palsy and epilepsy, died in February last year.

Cameron said: "I thought about that. Because the other
children haven`t come yet, that whole side of life hasn`t sunk

Cameron will not rush daughter Nancy, 6, and 4-year-old
son Eiwen into the busy building.

"The children haven`t been to Downing Street yet but they
know what has happened. They`ve taken an interest in all of
this. But I`m a great believer that you do these sort of
things in a reasonable timeframe," the Prime Minister said.