`Challenges in road to historic transformation in Middle East`

The historic transition currently being experienced in some Middle East and N African countries is unlikely to be smooth, a top Obama aide said.

Washington: The historic transition currently being experienced in some Middle East and North African countries is unlikely to be smooth and would be full of challenges, a top Obama aide said Monday.

"This historic transformation that`s taking place in the region, progress will not always come in a straight line, that there will be challenges in the region.

"And in individual countries as they make that transition from decades of autocracy and tyranny to what we all hope will be governments that are more responsive to their people`s aspirations, that are more democratic and to economies that are more robust and prosperous, and therefore more beneficial to millions and millions of residents of the region," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters.

Carney was responding to reporters` questions on Obama`s statement in an interview to the CBS News yesterday that the path to democracy in the Middle East is going to be "rocky and bumpy".

"I was pretty certain and continue to be pretty certain that there are going to be bumps in the road... The one part of society that hasn`t been controlled completely by the government," Obama had said in the interview.

The White House Press Secretary explained that this transformation is not going to happen overnight.

"It will encounter challenges along the way as we`ve seen. Certainly the unrest in recent weeks represents one of these periods of challenge that the countries in the region must overcome.

I would point out that in Libya there was a rather remarkable demonstration the other day against the militias that are trying to hijack the democratic transition in that country," he said.

Obama, he said, is not minimising what everyone all recognise as historic transformations taking place.

"The President is certainly not minimising the challenges that those transformations are facing as these countries in the region that have experience or are experiencing democratic transitions move forward with them, move forward to systems of government that are hopefully more responsive to their people`s aspirations, more democratic, more fairer and better for their people," he said in response to the harsh criticism coming from the Republican Romney Campaign in this regard.

"After nearly four years in office, President Obama is eager to make excuses for his failed policies at home and abroad by declaring `bumps in the road`. But it`s clear Americans can`t afford four more years like the last four years under the President`s policies," said Andrea Saul, spokesperson of the Romney Campaign.

Carney alleged that the Republicans "are searching for reeds to grab" on to.

"But I think the president`s views on these matters are very clear and very strong," he argued.