Change old ideological stereotypes: China to West

Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying said China is using called aircraft carrier just for research purpose.

Beijing: Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying has said that Western countries to give up their “old ideological stereotypes about China."

"Don`t worry about China ... You are not going to see a US or a Soviet Union in China," Xinhua quoted Fu, as saying.

On being asked why China needs "to arm itself to this extent" with an aircraft carrier program, Fu said that the question per se was "clouded by old ideological stereotypes about China”.

"You feel comfortable with aircraft carrier ownership by your allies, like the United States and France, but you are more concerned if China also has one," he added.

She also claimed that China is using the so-called aircraft carrier just for research and training purposes, adding that the vessel "is far, far from being a full-fledged aircraft carrier" and that China is "well behind other countries" in the field.

Talking about perceptions that world power is shifting eastward, she said that China rather believes that there is "a diffusion of power" on the world stage.

Urging Western countries to stop behaving like "the centre of the world" or "the monopoly of all truths," Fu said: "We are living in a new world. Don’t be condescending or patronising. Please learn to respect others as equals and work with us. We`re in one boat."


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