China accuses British MPs of meddling in Hong Kong''s affairs

China has reportedly accused British MPs of meddling in Hong Kong`s affairs.

London: China has reportedly accused British MPs of meddling in Hong Kong`s affairs.

The Chinese Foreign Affairs Committee, in a strongly worded letter, accuses its UK counterpart of carrying out a "highly inappropriate act, which constitutes interference in China`s internal affairs", the BBC reports.

The Committee wrote in the letter that UK has sent a wrong political signal to the outside world, and disrupted Hong Kong`s political reform.

China further stated that it would not tolerate any interference, either directly or indirectly, from the UK or any other external forces, the report said.

Earlier, the Chinese government issued a strict warning to foreign countries against interfering in Hong Kong`s politics.

The warning comes as China is set to make an important announcement on the territory`s election process.

Chinese state media said using Hong Kong as a "bridgehead to subvert the mainland" would not be tolerated.

As the Chinese government is planning to limit elections to selected pro-Beijing candidates, pro- democracy activists in Hong Kong have threatened mass disobedience if elections are not opened up.
China`s standing committee of the National People`s Congress is holding a week-long conference to discuss how to pick Hong Kong`s next leader.

While critics have suggested that China should screen candidates through a nominating committee, China says that citizens of Hong Kong can elect their leader in 2017.

Pro-democratic activists have vowed to launch a large-scale civil disobedience if an agreement is not accepted.

Many think the committee only includes the elite businessmen of Beijing.

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