China builds ecological oxygen barracks for troops in Tibet

Chinese Army has built ecological oxygen-enriched barracks to help hundreds of its officers overcome high-altitude sickness.

Beijing: Chinese Army has built ecological
oxygen-enriched barracks by using plants to generate the gas
at one of its barracks in Tibet, bordering India, to help
hundreds of its officers overcome high-altitude sickness.

The first plant was put into use in the Naqu Military
Sub-Command under the Tibet Military Command of the Chinese
People`s Liberation Army, official Xinhua newsagency reported.

The harsh natural environment in Tibet, described as the
roof of the world, greatly affected the physical and mental
health of the officers and men. Some officers and men were
even troubled by diseases like alopecia and nail dent that
occur in such altitudes, it said.

With an average altitude of more than 4,500 meters, the
troops have only 48 per cent of oxygen in hinterland vis-a-vis
their regular requirement.

In order to overcome the problem, they were provided with
oxygen cylinders and generators. But they have restrictions in
application and can`t fundamentally tackle anoxia, it said.

In early 2009, after asking ecological experts and
pathologists to investigate and argument, the Communist Party
committee of the Naqu Military Sub-Command invested money to
build a plant oxygen-generating and oxygen-enriched activity
room, it said. The room has a floor space of 1,000 square
meters. Barracks spread over a floor space of 3,000 sq mts.

When the troops live and train in these places, the
oxygen content in their blood is nearly 10 per cent higher
than that of outdoor, greatly easing up the problem of plateau
anoxia, it said.

Officials will build more ecological oxygen-enriched
physical training grounds and dormitories to improve the
living environment for its men stationed in the unpopulated
areas in north Tibet, it said.


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