China: CPC expands presence in private sector

The Communist Party of China has tripled its grassroots committees in non-public companies in the past decade.

Beijing: As China opened to economic reforms and privatisation in one party state, the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) has swiftly spread its tentacles in private sector and tripled its grassroots committees in non-public companies in the past decade, a study suggests.

More than three lakh CPC grassroots committees have been set up in the country`s private sector, up from less than one lakh about 10 years ago, according to data released by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) here.

The CPC grassroots committees among the non-public sector covered all 2.10 lakh large private companies across the country and recruited more than 3.5 million CPC members, state run Xinhua news agency quoted SAIC as saying.

Many private sector units, including those with joint ventures have to have party units in their offices to connect with CPC and government, according to businessmen.

Enjoying the monopoly the CPC currently has over 80 million members, which means that about six in every 100 Chinese people have joined the CPC in a country with a population of 1.3 billion.

China too has few smaller parties but with limited rights and work under very limited framework defined by the CPC and the government. The private sector, which includes more than 10 million private enterprises and nearly 40 million self-employed businesses, contributes to over 60 percent of the gross domestic product of the world`s second-largest economy and creates about 90 percent of the country`s new jobs, the SAIC data showed.

"It is an increasingly pressing task for the Party to consolidate its class base and widen its public impact among the private sector," Chen Xiangqun, an official from the Organisation Department of the CPC Central Committee, said at a conference on Party-building in the private sector held yesterday in Lanzhou.

Chen said the building of CPC organisations in private enterprises has consolidated the CPC`s ruling basis in China and helped facilitate the "healthy development" of those enterprises.

"The establishment of CPC organisations in private companies has helped guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of employees and thus won the recognition of the vast number of staff and those forward-looking entrepreneurs," Chen said.


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